Entangled With The Heiress Release…and a party!

Entangled with the Heiress, Harlequin Desire   It's Party Time! ENTANGLED WITH THE HEIRESS is out in the wild! I'm so proud of this book, which came to me during a dry spell in my creativity. The heroine, Trinity, struggles so hard to do what's right and finds herself judged at every turn. I loved seeing her finally receive the happy-ever-after she deserved. I hope you'll check it out (links below). Also, join me on the Harlequin Desire Author's Facebook page on Tuesday, January 7th, for an all day party with my fellow release authors for this month. We're going to have games, book stuff, and some giveaways in celebration of our releases. Harlequin Desire   ENTANGLED WITH THE HEIRESS, Louisiana Legacies While gaining the heiress’s trust, will he lose all self-control? Hired to go undercover and discredit the widow of a millionaire philanthropist, investigator Rhett Brannon is torn. With her vulnerability and dedication to her late husband’s legacy, Trinity Hyatt doesn’t fit his preconceptions of a gold digger. Even so, Rhett is determined to get to the truth behind her intentions. But will his growing attraction to Trinity destroy everything they’re both fighting for? Available from: Amazon B&N Harlequin Apple Books Add to your TBR shelf on Goodreads!

#mysexysaturday on the NGWN blog

Who could use a little Late Summer Sexy this Saturday? I know I sure could! My sexy saturday, book excerpts, nice girls writing naughty Join me on the Nice Girls Writing Naughty blog to read an excerpt from some of our authors for #mysexysaturday blog hop, and comment to win free books! There's also a Grand Prize for the entire month of August. Don't wait! Check it out now!  :) (Hint: this guy might just be over there waiting...) muscular handsome sexy, male model, cover model, cover art

Goin’ Out Solo Release Day & Giveaway

The latest installment from the Backstage Pass series is a story I couldn’t resist writing. These characters have called to me from the beginning, and I hope you delve into their story as deeply as I did! Rock star Nate Hawthorne's good-guy status is as iconic as his black cowboy hat, despite his personal struggles. Now faced with his own mortality, he must choose whether to continue being the good friend, the good band mate...or risk being very, very bad. Sara Drayton has overcome a nightmare childhood to stand on her own merits, even if her overprotective brother can't see it. Nate has been her forbidden fantasy for years. Now he's offering her a no-strings weekend at his cabin to fulfill all her desires – except her wish to be his forever. Nate knows he's breaking the rules by taking Sara to bed, but he's desperate for the peace he can only find through her touch. With death on the horizon, can forbidden love bring one man back from the brink of an uncertain future? For today’s release, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I focus a lot on my heroes, but all of my heroines have a little something in common with me.  For Sara, its her organizational skills—AKA lists. Lots and lots of lists. Hope you enjoy this one: 1. Sara Drayton isn’t a spontaneous woman. She’s driven, creative, and organized. But she won’t pass up the once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend the weekend in Nate Hawthorne’s bed. 2. Sara’s theme song for this book is Show Me Love. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhWEI6-_w9E?rel=0&w=560&h=315] 3. Nate has been haunting my brain since I finish Book 1 (Finding Her Rhythm). 4. Nate’s theme song for this book is Not My Time. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpfhcljJ9bQ?rel=0&w=560&h=315] 5. Nate and Sara both had very different childhood issues, but they handled it exactly the same: being good. Not causing problems or worries for those around them. 6. Sara is Jake’s sister, Solar Uprising’s stage manager. 7. Jake has a very difficult road ahead of him, now that his sister has found her independence. Goin' Out Solo, Backstage Pass Series, rock star romance8. The cover for this story was a long time in the making, because I couldn’t find the right pictures to fit the feel of the story. My cover artist, Elizabeth Wallace, did an excellent job (and showed a lot of patience). 9. This story is a little different than the other 3 in the series—it doesn’t have a suspense element running through it. 10. I’ve got a simple contest going on over the next few weeks. Why? I just love to make readers smile. Just follow this link and enter to win a $25 gift card to Amazon or B&N. I’ll choose a random winner on July 15th! Easy peasy.   GOIN’ OUT SOLO is live on Amazon and B&N today for only 99 cents. And while I’d love for you to grab the other books, SOLO is easy to read as a stand-alone too! So what are you waiting for??? Buy it and enter the contest today! Dani

#MySexySaturday Goin’ Out Solo

Welcome to my edition of My Sexy Saturday! Love this week’s idea: Handsome heroes are my ALL TIME FAVORITE subjects. Especially strong, sexy men who are grabbing life by the horns and riding hell for leather. Nate Hawthorne is just such a man, and I’m thrilled to introduce you to my newest hero. Goin' Out Solo, Backstage Pass Series, rock star romance Here he is in GOIN' OUT SOLO, A Backstage Pass novella: Sara whirled around on the pavement, staring at Nate Bishop in shocked silence, but his body appeared perfectly at ease-though the look from under the black brim of his cowboy hat was as intense as always. Same as always, as if he were hiding something he didn’t want the world to see too well. “I can drive her home, if you want,” he said, shifting a little in his cowboy boots. Sara could see the tension draining off Jake as he pushed toward his friend. Extending his hand, they met palms for a single shake. “Thanks, man.” Just as Jake’s nerves settled, Sara's ramped up. Five hours in an enclosed truck cab with hot and steamy Nate? That man lit her fire quicker than a match, while he all but patted her on the head for being a good girl. The one time she'd gotten desperate enough to hint that she was interested he'd shuddered, insisting he couldn't kiss someone he saw as a little sister. Go experiment with someone your own age, he'd said. So she tucked her humiliation down deep, along with all thoughts of his magnificent ass, and tried to find someone nice to play with. Unfortunately, it didn't kill the craving. And last night—that had been the dance of her life. She’d wanted to pout like a toddler when her brother had cut in. The whole time Nate’s dark gaze had held her captive, she’d been telling herself it didn’t mean anything. When he’d walked away without speaking, simply handing her over, she’d known it was meaningless to him. But she’d always remember it…always. Sara looked up to find Nate’s gaze trained directly on her. His chin-length brown hair and ever present cowboy hat granted him secrecy. Still she wondered what he was thinking behind the prop he used to keep people at arms’ length—even if he didn’t realize it. She couldn't see him, but she could feel that gaze and had the sudden impression of a lion stalking his prey. Heat flashed through her, settling in her core despite her mental protest. More about GOIN' OUT SOLO: Rock star Nate Hawthorne's good-guy status is as iconic as his black cowboy hat, despite his personal struggles. Now faced with his own mortality, he must choose whether to continue being the good friend, the good band mate...or risk being very, very bad. Sara Drayton has overcome a nightmare childhood to stand on her own merits, even if her overprotective brother can't see it. Nate has been her forbidden fantasy for years. Now he's offering her a no-strings weekend at his cabin to fulfill all her desires – except her wish to be his forever. Nate knows he's breaking the rules by taking Sara to bed, but he's desperate for the peace he can only find through her touch. With death on the horizon, can forbidden love bring one man back from the brink of an uncertain future? This novella is now available for pre-order for only 99 cents at Amazon! It will officially release on June 30th, so reserve your copy today! And click HERE to join my Goin’ Out Solo Book Launch Giveaway! I’m giving away a $25 gift card. And don’t forget to check out more My Sexy Saturday hunky heroes here. Enjoy! Dani

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It’s almost time! Goin’ Out Solo, Backstage Pass Bk 4, is about to go up for pre-order—but there’s a very special chance for you to read it and all my other books early! Check it out! Advanced Reading Team, romance readers I’m offering a few select readers the chance to read these books early! I have my very own Advanced Review Team, and I’d love for you to be a part. That means you’d get the chance to read my upcoming books BEFORE RELEASE DAY! All I ask is that you leave an honest review of the book on Amazon (and any other review sites you frequent) on the actual release day. Does the thought of free books pique your interest? Well, here’s what you do:
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The Naughty Hottie Memorial Day Blog Hop

Thanks for dropping by my stop on the Naughty Hotties Blog Hop with the fellow Nice Girls Writing Naughty! The rock stars of Solar Uprising in my Backstage Pass series love to celebrate holidays with wild parties, and spring is a great time to open the pool and break out the bikinis!

NGWN mem day event 2015 There’s Michael Korvello whispering into his new wife’s ear about their very first encounter in the waterfall alcove. He loves making her blush! His brother, Daniel Korvello, is plying his girlfriend Becca with a cupcake with patriotic icing (all the while trying to get her out of her cover-up). Sean Rosslair is coaxing Meghan deeper into the water, grinning wide when her toes can’t touch the bottom and she wraps her legs around and holds on tight. Meghan isn’t complaining! Who wouldn’t want a hot, hard-bodied drummer between her thighs. ;) pool party, memorial day, blog hop For once, hottie Nate Bishop has discarded his iconic cowboy hat to get wet with his honey, Sara. I can’t wait to share his story with y’all this summer! In the meantime, here’s a flashback to one of the Korvellos wild and crazy pool parties! pool party, backstage pass series, blog hop


Available on Amazon    B&N   Smashwords  Finding Her Rhythm, Backstage Pass Novella, romantic suspense, erotic romance, romance author, musician hero, Indie publishing“Don’t let them fool ya,” Becca said. “Michael’s a great guy, but he doesn’t exactly have a ‘white-picket-fence’ lifestyle. Take care of yourself.” She turned at the rebel yells that erupted from the vicinity of the doors to the house. Daniel and Michael ran across the decorative concrete to cannonball into the pool. They surfaced with whoops and hollers until one of the band members yelled, “Chicken fight!” Becca wasted no time getting to her feet. “That would be my cue to exit. The annual chicken fight is definitely not my scene.” She strode toward the locker rooms, leaving Taylor to face the music. She turned a wide-eyed gaze toward the rest of the party, which was rapidly dividing itself by groups of two. Even the teenagers. Her stomach started to churn, faster and faster, like a merry-go-round gaining speed. She stayed put, sort of an “if I’m very still, no one will notice me” move. After all, no one had so far. But she should have known her luck would run out. Not two minutes later Michael detached himself from the group and swam in her direction. Oh, that hot dog had been a mistake. She just might puke in the pool. No. No no no. Please don’t make me do this. The last thing she wanted was for Michael Korvello to try to lift her. She could just imagine the stoic grunt as he realized just how much she weighed. Not to mention having to do it in front of a handful of women shaped like twigs. With boobs, of course. His head lifted above the water with slick grace, the wetness somehow deepening the smoky blue of his eyes. “I need a partner, Taylor.” She swallowed hard. “No, thanks.” “Come on. You wouldn’t leave me hangin’, would ya?” Her expression must have showcased some of her “you bet I would, mister” sentimentality, because the laughter in his ramped up. “Come on. Just a friendly game of chicken.” His emphasis on the word notated his challenge. Just like he challenged her every day. Drawing her out, coaxing her to take the leap. But this time she had fear of taking her towel off in front of thirty-some-odd people on her side. “Not happening.” She shook her head to drive her point home. Above the slosh of people in the pool, a voice suddenly rang out. “I thought you said she was a cool nanny?” A quick glance revealed the teens looking her way, and not a single soul left out of the pool, except one woman wrangling two toddlers. And her. So much for outgrowing peer pressure. Her “okay” got everyone back to their preparations and their eyes off her, thank God. But not Michael’s. He watched with a raised brow as she stood next to her lounger. Her legs shook with the desire to run back to the locker rooms and hide. How could she possibly do this? But some teeny-tiny spark inside insisted she could ramp up that sexy glint in his eyes. Fake it till you make it. Sucking in her stomach, she let the towel drop to reveal her new swimsuit. His gaze traveled down the teal one-piece with interest, lingering where it dipped low over her cleavage. Turning, she draped her towel over her lounger. A totally unnecessary maneuver, but his quick intake of breath told her he’d seen the heart-shaped cutout right over the dimples at the small of her back. Did he like them? Remembering when those dimples had been the subject of ridicule rather than an intimate secret between lovers, she approached Michael with a touch of caution. When she was within a few steps of him, he breathed, “Damn, woman.” Ah, victory. A few deep breaths got her through the indignity of climbing onto Michael’s muscled shoulders. Thankfully he didn’t moan or stumble over her weight. The only thing that eased her self-consciousness was the feel of his wet skin against hers. His hands warming as they curled around her thighs. The flex of his arms as he balanced her securely. Oh, she was so going to hell for her thoughts. Luckily no one else seemed to be paying her any attention as one of the men yelled, “Ready. Set. Go!” She fought to keep her balance as the free-for-all ensued. Then she unabashedly clamped her thighs around Michael’s neck and held on for dear life. They both laughed so hard that she was distracted from the overt sexual nature of her position. They weren’t the last couple standing, but they made it into the top five, at least. McKayla and the sixteen-year-old boy who was dazzled to have her on his shoulders came out the winners. Matthew complained, “They just went easy on you because you’re a girl.” Didn’t matter that any number of “girls” now littered the pool with dripping wet hair. But Taylor would never forget the final push that sent her falling into the water, bending Michael back with her. He’d released her with ease and was quick to pull her up and out of the way of flailing limbs and laughing people. In the midst of the chaos they’d stood for long moments, bodies touching, eyes locked, until the winners were finally determined. The signal came naturally then. Holding his gaze, she nestled closer, letting her hands find his hips through the wet swim trunks he wore. Even if the piercing look in his eyes hadn’t clued her in, the hard erection pressed against her belly would have. She had a feeling Michael’s days of waiting had just come to an end.

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#MySexySaturday – Beneath the Surface

Welcome to my version of My Sexy Saturday's Sexy Me Down blogs! I knew Emma and Colin were perfect for this week...I hope you agree! Enjoy this excerpt from BENEATH THE SURFACE, Small Town Secrets, Book 1. Beneath the Surface, Dani Wade, Small Town Secrets   “Emma,” he breathed, the word almost a groan. He moved as if to reach for her but then dropped back, sliding his hands into the hip pockets of his jeans. “Emma, you have every right to hate me. I can’t tell you how many nights I lay awake, kicking myself because I left you like that. I made a stupid mistake, based on youth and wrong assumptions. If I could take it back, change it, I would.” “Why?” she asked, surprised at the words coming out of her mouth. But the injustice of his actions, her own hurt and pain, pushed her forward. “Why did you do it?” He didn’t pretend not to understand. As he spoke, the heaviness of that night hit her hard. “I made a mistake, Emma. A mistake I’ve been sorry for every day since then. I wish I had walked right in and beat the hell out of all of them. Instead I turned my back on you. Not for long, but a lot could have happened before I walked back in that door. A lot did happen.” As if she were back at that time, she saw the boys surrounding her. Five of them, all grown to man size without the maturity to match. She’d thought she was going to a party, a party she’d been told Colin would be attending. Instead the party had actually been a private one, where a group of boys expected to get something a lot deeper than dancing and a few drinks. When she’d realized what they were after, she’d been appalled. Fear had quickly set in when they’d made it clear they expected her to follow through. Colin’s appearance had been a welcome relief, but he’d taken one look at her in the short skirt and skimpy top her sister had loaned her and turned away in disgust. Her voice came out a husky whisper. “You came back?” Available at:      Barnes & Noble                Amazon Add it to your To Be Read shelf on Goodreads! Newsletter Offer 2Sign up for my author newsletter for news, upcoming releases, contests, AND a free novella, SNOW BOUND (which happens to be part of the Small Town Secrets series too!)! Join today!       DON'T FORGET to find more delicious sexy goodness on the other My Sexy Saturday blogs! Click here for the list.  

Book Boyfriends Cafe: Hot for Friday

This week I'm participating in Book Boyfriends Cafe's Hot for Friday! Today I'm sharing a Hot and Bothered excerpt from one of my Book Boyfriends with you today! Here's Colin from Beneath the Surface at one of my favorite times he was Hot and Bothered: Beneath the Surface, Dani Wade, Small Town Secrets The door to the bathroom swung open, and Emma stood posed in the frame, one arm draped up over her head along the wood, the other resting on her cocked hip. It would have been innocent enough if she hadn’t been wearing the short skirt and button-down shirt they’d picked up at the emporium. Colin pressed Play on the remote control before all the blood rushed from his head and left him stupid. One step and he was in serious trouble. Not only did she look different, she walked differently. As if someone had dialed up the sensuality level on her movements. Normally she had a slight sway to her hips that flowed down her legs, creating a womanly swing that sent him humming. Now she strutted, exaggerating her hips with an almost twist that accentuated the toned muscles of her bare legs. And the heels. Oh. My. God. What they did to her walk. He almost asked her to turn around so he could see what they did for her ass, but figured he didn’t want his head to explode…yet. Heat crept up his spine, and his heartbeat went into overdrive. As his gaze slid up over her incredible assets, he met her hooded gaze. The breath stopped in his throat. It was the same look she’d had while they were having sex. His body responded to the instant flash of memories. Lips open as if they were panting, eyes mysterious and heavy-lidded. She stared straight at him as she advanced to the beat of the music, not looking away or over him as he’d expected her to. She walked straight to the chair opposite him and swung a leg out to straddle it, facing away. The remote dropped to the floor at the flash of the curve of her ass cheek and the garter holding up her sheer stockings. He bit his lip to keep from groaning. His only wish was that she’d sat on him instead. Her body moved and twisted to the sensuous rhythm of the music, her hips gliding back and forth as if she pleasured herself on the chair. Breath bellowed through Colin’s chest. Holy shit. This woman had no need for training. Two seconds and she had him ready to shoot his load without even a touch. He didn’t look away from the movement on the lower half of her body, begging in his mind for the skirt to rise enough to give him another glimpse of her ass. It didn’t until she stood, swinging herself around to face him in one fluid movement. BENEATH THE SURFACE Too many secrets… Hidden in a quiet town along the Tennessee border, a secret gathering exists where the privileged fulfill their darkest desires. One of their members initiates a desperate act designed to bring home his lifelong obsession: Emma Hartwell. A past not forgotten… Drawn back to her hometown by the psychic connection with her twin sister, Emma must fight the stubborn silence of those around her in her quest to find her missing sister. Colin McIntyre hopes to make up for his past mistakes with Emma by helping her, but his own ties to the Gathering might be exposed along the way. Time is running out… Exposure could be dangerous for his family, along with himself and Emma. Can they fight the secrets and lies to rescue Emma’s sister… and their own chance at life-long love? Don't forget to check out these other Book Boyfriends at the Cafe! BENEATH THE SURFACE is available at Amazon and B&N.